Equity at Kripalu

Equity Statement

Imagine a Kripalu where anyone who wanted to access what we have to offer was able to do so. That when they arrived, they felt like they belonged here, that they were seen in their fullness, and that their growth process was supported. This is the intention behind the work of equity at Kripalu.

Dear Community,

There is deep suffering in the world. We believe this is caused by a false sense of separation from self, others, and the natural world, leading us off the path of love. These divisions show up as White Supremacy* leading to racial injustice, colonialism leading to environmental degradation, capitalism, in its current form, leading to increasing wealth disparity, and the overall devaluation of people seen as “other”—whether by race, gender, age, sexual orientation, ability, nationality, ethnicity, citizenship status, body size, socioeconomic class, or language.

Swami Kripalu, whose teachings form the foundation of the Kripalu methodology, called himself “a pilgrim on the path of love.” He said many times, “Only love can bring unity and remove the separation between all living beings.”

Because division lives in the world, it lives in us, and as a result, shows up at Kripalu. If it continues to go unchecked, all living beings will experience deeper physical, emotional, and spiritual suffering. In order to truly honor the legacy of yoga, our ancestors, the land, and all generations to come, we are responsible for ushering in this deep structural, cultural, and mindset shift.

We see our equity work as an opportunity to expand awareness of how our actions impact one another and how our well-being is interconnected. Because we know this to be true, we know that it will take everyone working together to create the type of personal and systemic shifts that will allow the Kripalu community to be a place of true belonging.

As a community rooted in love and compassion, we see this work as deepening our alignment with our core organizational values. We invite you to join us in a space of inquiry—to open our hearts and minds with curiosity and seek to understand. In this inquiry, we are called to set aside personal agendas for the highest good of all. 

Since the aim of yoga is union, Kripalu joins wholeheartedly with you and other changemakers to dismantle inequity and harm, steward the planet, and prioritize collective well-being and interdependent liberation. Kripalu further commits to creating an equitable organization through continual realignment with the roots of our lineage, ongoing openness to radical learning, and acceptance of dynamic change.

We understand this work may be affirming for some and challenging for others. We’ve created an Equity Worksheet to help you integrate any thoughts, feelings, or reactions you might be having. Click here to access the worksheet. Then scroll down to continue to explore resources, upcoming programs, and opportunities for further discussion and education.

Love and Service,

*We acknowledge that the words “White Supremacy” have a particular meaning to many people and can bring up a lot of feelings. We’re using the words with a specific definition in mind. For this definition—and definition of words that appear throughout these pages—please visit our Equity Glossary.

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Kripalu Environmental Stewardship Committee

2020 Actions and Recommendations

Approach to Environmental Stewardship
The Kripalu Approach to Environmental Stewardship begins with reverence, responsibility, and service. Kripalu believes that human beings exist within a web of profound interdependency with all of life and that we have a moral duty to act in alignment with this knowledge through our presence on this land, our educational programming, and our day to day operations. We believe that we can reduce our energy consumption, waste, and carbon footprint, while integrating and increasing sustainable stewardship practices that support biodiversity and the health of the lands under our care. We commit ourselves to such inquiry, discovering how best to do this as swiftly as possible, guided by compassion, and a sense of responsibility to our ancestors, future generations, and the living earth. 

Our mission is to inspire and educate ourselves, our guests, and the world at large to embrace environmental stewardship principles and embody practices that serve our vision of an awakened, compassionate, and connected world. 

The KESC was created to catalyze the organization’s approach, mission, and long-term implementation of environmental stewardship policies, principles, and practices. The work of the KESC is not to hold this work in perpetuity, but to create the structures in which environmental stewardship becomes integrated into the organization’s cultural core. 

The Equity Team

The purpose of the Equity Team is to steward equity at Kripalu by:  

  • Listening to everyone impacted by our organization to understand both what is needed to ensure greater equity, and what stands in the way of that goal.
  • Creating an ongoing Equity Plan for Kripalu.
  • Developing metrics and goals for equity and conducting regular assessment towards those goals.
  • Maintaining a sustained dialogue and guiding culture shift so that Kripalu is a place of belonging for all who wish to engage with us.


Kripalu Staff Yuri Hernandez

Program Operations Manager

Faculty Monique Schubert

Lead Kripalu Faculty

Kripalu Staff Jamyal Newton

Online Program Coordinator

Kripalu Staff Eset Rose

Director of Creative Strategy and Programming

Kripalu Staff Emily Cohen

Director of Revenue Management

Kripalu Staff Ellen Rose

Associate Director of Kripalu Programming

Kripalu Staff CeCe Bowerman

Foundation and Corporate Relations Officer

History of Equity Work at Kripalu

Explore equity work at Kripalu throughout the years—including partnerships held with local organizations, on campus retreats and conferences, and our continued work to provide different levels of support based on an individual’s or group’s needs in order to achieve fairness in outcomes.

Explore the history


Equity Resources and Bibliography
A collection of recommended voices, documentaries, and podcasts on equity. 
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Relationship Tips for Building Equity
Learn more about the Kripalu that the Equity Team seeks to create. 
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